So, if you thought Moustaches were a thing of the past, and nobody but Tom Selleck, Hulk Hogan, and your Dad, ever participated in such a trend, then you were horribly mistaken.

It all started in 1999 when a small group of guy’s from Adalaide, Australia set up a committee to raise awareness and funds for Men’s Health issues, these included Prostate Cancer, and Depression amongst others. Ever since, country’s from all over the world have launched events, and the UK is very much part of that. So the idea is, that by encouraging our fellow ‘Mo Bros’ to grow a ‘delightful,’ and may we add, ‘tasteful,’  Tash for the whole month of November, it will increase early Cancer detection, and prevent the number of deaths.




1. On October 31st, the complete moustache region must be completely shaved.

2. For the entire duration of the month November / Movember  you’re not allowed to grow hair in the goatee zone.

3. No joining of the moustache to sideburns.

4. If you have a full beard, shave it leaving only a super moustache for Movember.
If you fancy joining in with the annual festivities, which is for such a great cause, then get yourself signed up at the UK’s official page!



Here’s a few of our favourite’s, showing us all how it’s done…


Hulk Hogan – Absolutely no holds barred.


Poirot – Mystery solving Mousse T.


Ned Flanders – New movie roll image… We think it works.


Mr Oizo – ‘Ladies Love’


Dave The Walrus – Guys wanna be him, girls wanna be with him.


Our Kelly – It wasn’t even Movember… :/

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