A lot of people in Manchester assume that it all started in ‘88, ‘89 with the dance explosion at The Haçienda, and the House scene. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic era and what happened back then was really special, but there was an awful lot that happened beforehand. 

Basically going back to the 60s there has been a massive dance culture in Manchester that goes all the way back to the Twisted Wheel and places like The New Reno in Moss Side which opened in 1967. The particular period that i’m talking about here is ’82 to ’88… The period where music started changing and taking on a more electronic sound. The electro music that came through from 1982 with tracks like ‘Planet Rock’ by Africa Bambaataa that moved on into the Techno and the House music that came shortly after, and also Hip Hop of course!

The whole scene started to change at that point and what was happening in Manchester in the black scene, in clubs like Berlin, The Gallery, Legends and The Playpen, that was where it all began… A lot of DJs that are still around today all played a very influential role in that too.

The film below, which was premiered back in August 2008 at Islington Mill, Salford, features The Broken Glass Crew from Manchester, (who were the don’s back in the 80’s)… They talk about the early days of Hip Hop & Breaking in the UK. The film also features a cameo from Take That’s Jason Orange, who believe it or not, started out as a breaker! Who’d have thought it after seeing him in those string vests?!

Well worth a look if you have a spare 40 mins or so…

B-Boy for life!


25. April 2013 by jnj
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